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and it is while following our hearts paths that we find our souls..

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Just taking a stroll and found my article at a random corner in LA. I can’t describe what I felt, a mixture of happiness, excitement, pride, etc. What a great start to a day.
OC Fair with the favorite puppy in the world.
OC Fair with the kids! #funtimes #friedeverything
With my boo thang. Date night is always fun with my puppy. #happy #longdistance #notthatlong
Hope everyone had a great Fourth! #USA #shrimpfriedrice
Regramming @melvsw pic. The last night with @eggsellant and first night with Tiffany. It was a good night from what I remember.. #mybestie

(Source: psych2go, via psych-facts)

I had to #regram this picture! I’m officially a published writer! Thanks for a lovely and insightful interview @frankcapri and thanks to #workingworld magazine for the publication! It’s so surreal still.

How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are

“My parents divorced, I learned to love my new family. I became an exchange student, I learned I was part of yet another culture I embraced. I became a writer, and my professors urged their students to find a profession outside writing, not only for experience, but for sustenance, for value in and of itself. I took jobs I never knew I would take, and I wrote. I went places I never knew I would learn to love, of which I wrote. In examining my heart, I can say I am well-traveled, in examining the world, I can say it is my heart. The courage to find joy in unusual situations and crossroads, in pivotal times, is the bravery to experience transformation, to change your mental furniture. I agree with Chang. There are unknowns, gates through which we go, to find ourselves again gaining perspective. And this makes me respect and dig deeply into the lives of people around me in this short life of fluid understanding, to see resilience, humor, hidden wisdom. It’s usually not where you suspect it that it matters most.”

—   Joseph Phillips after watching Ruth Chang: How to make hard choices #ted