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and it is while following our hearts paths that we find our souls..

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What I’m going to miss most about being a teacher is the impact I have on the child I tutor. I love me kids so much. #mathnasium #math #sqrt16ever
Why do I take so many selfies? Because all my friends won’t be documented hanging out with me…
With my Big and Frank! #tt #alumni #bros
Vegas with #team12 #theseeyesaintloyal #mobill
To my loving Big sister, HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!! I’m so glad we are so tight because in highschool, all you did was scare me half to death! But thanks for all the rides home and to fundraisers! I can believe we’ve been friends for so long but I’m so thankful to have such a supportive and loving big sis in my life. You really make me feel like family with all the late night talks and the shopping/eating/gambling we do together! I hope you have a fantastic birth month because you earned it! Happy mid life crisis shortie ;)
To my best friend of 9 years (and going strong), HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY!! We’ve done so much together, from Vegas trips to band camps, okgo concerts, stalking wongfuproductions, the summer of p90x soup plantation and too many clubs, staying in NY with you and meeting all your college friends, to bahamas! I’m so happy to have you in my life. You are truly the best friend anyone ever could ask for! I wish you the best today and for more birthdays to come! I don’t care how much you don’t want them, you’re getting 23 kisses today whether you like it or not ;)
Okay… We take alot of selfies, but it’s our first time at Napa Valley! #wineries #napa #norcaltrip #sixmonthanniversary
Lunch at Plumeria with @bchen04! So yummy! :9